Tanja's Crochet



The Tanja's Crochet store sells unique, handmade crochet pieces made with great love and care. Every individual item is made by hand by Tanja herself, a labour-of-love which not only requires patient and precise work but also passion. Making each piece herself allows Tanja to ensure the utmost attention to detail and highest quality in the end result. Each piece therefore becomes unique in itself, with it's own particular details and spirit.

The Tanja's Crochet store offers made-to-order items, which allows all pieces to be created individually and with love for each customer. No two items will ever be exactly the same! Customized orders for specific colours, design or fit are always welcome, as the goal is for each customer to experience the pleasure of having something created from scratch exclusively for them.

Having no formal training, Tanja has learnt her craft from her grandmother's knee as a child and subsequently through hours and hours of practice and experimentation on her own as the years progressed. To create one piece not only takes time but also the utmost concentration and care, a skill which Tanja has honed and perfected over the last 15 years. Having each item made by one designer truly ensures that the level of care and expertise is always maintained, and this shows through in all of Tanja's creations.

Tanja's Crochet offers both new designs as well as much loved styles that have become popular over the years. This mixture allows the store to stay up-to-date and offer a wider range of garments to satisfy all tastes. All pieces are made from cotton or in some cases cotton viscose, which is fast becoming a trademark of the Tanja's Crochet brand.

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Contact: adolfsson.tanja@gmail.com